CalcuTray Help
How do I move CalcuTray?
Make sure 'Window position locked' isn't checked in the options menu and then click and drag the CalcuTray background 

Windows keeps hiding the CalcuTray icon.
You can stop Windows hiding Notification Icons by following these steps:
 1. Click 'Show Hidden Icons' at the start of the Notification Tray
 2. Select 'Customise...'
 3. Find CalcuTray in the list of Icons
 4. Change the drop down box to 'Show icon and notifications'
 5. Click 'OK'

How do I calculator Pi?
Enter the number of places you would like to round to and press ‘Ctrl+P’.

I have just upgraded, where has my history gone?
If you have upgraded to V2 you will need to move your history.txt from:
%APPDATA%/Jake Edmonds/CalcuTray/History.txt

Up until V1.4.2, your history will not be retained when upgrading CalcuTray.
You can find the history of a previous version by navigating to:
%APPDATA%/Jake Edmonds/CalcuTray/%VERSION%History.txt

• .NET V4
• 1.5MB of HHD space

Change Log
21/06/2012 30:32 V2.3
• Changed the history to refresh if opened when already open
• Fixed a bug when opening the history when it was already open
• Fixed a bug when opening the About window when it was already open
• Fixed a bug when opening the Options window when it was already open
29/01/2012 22:00 V2.2
• Changed the history to display the newest entry at the top
• Fixed a bug when opening the history after deleting the history file
24/01/2012 11:05 V2.1
• Added an Ask to delete history option
• Changed Copy to clipboard to be checked by default
30/10/2011 12:15 V2
 Convert decimals to fractions
• Convert fractions to decimals
• Square root
• Pi can be used in calculations
• Skins
• Draggable UI
• Copy result to clipboard
• Quick launch key
• History window location
• Calculation entry box keeping focus after calculation
22/05/2011 22:32 V1.4.2
• Added Scrollbars when needed in History
• Fixed History creation permissions issue
21/05/2011 07:55 V1.4.1
• Changed About Box link to open in default browser
19/05/2011 V1.4
• Added inter-version history
• Fixed upgrade installer text
19/05/2011 V1.3
• Fixed a second History window crash
• Fixed a broken error message with an empty input box when calculating Pi
• Changed the way error’s are handled when the input box is empty
18/05/2011 V1.2
• Fixed the Clear button position on the History window
• Fixed crash when opening History when history.txt is missing
• Re-enabled decimal places
18/05/2011 V1.1
• Fixed non-empty textbox after Pi
• Fixed crash when rounding pi to more than 28 places
• Fixed non-empty textbox after error
• Changed Result message box text
18/05/2011 V1